B&W and color landscape photography has been a

passion of mine for over thirty years. I think I caught the

bug from my dad  who painted landscapes (mostly

barns) with watercolors. Though I never had the gift for

drawing that my father did, I found that I had an eye for

composition which could be exressed through the lens

of a camera.

   I started out, of course, using B&W film - eventually

building my own darkroom to process my photos. My

first serious camera was a Roloflex twin lens I found at

a garage sale. I still have it somewhere. It created

beautiful  medium format negatives which resulted in

very fine grained b&w photos. When the digital age

came along I eventually graduated away from film and

I've never looked back. I've never been under the illusion

that digital creates a better product, just that it's so

much simpler.

   Most of my portfolio has been from trips I've taken to

national parks and other scenic areas in the western US,

but, having recently retired, I am hoping to expand my

playground to other parts of the country.

Click to see my portfolio

   My son, Ryan Cox, also caught his grandfather's

passion for painting and you can see his work here.



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